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How To Advertise With Us is one of Kenya's top travel site and its largest editorial content site.  Every single day we receive between 3,100 and 4,600 visitors and broadcast an average of 12,000 pages of information from our servers. Our off-site clients and through our Best Destination Travel Guides and Travelindex Network we broadcast many more.

This makes us a very good place to advertise your services and products. We're always happy to help other sites to gain a better ranking in major search engines and to publicise their own news, products and services through us. We think Internet advertising is a service that helps make this the most exciting medium on Earth. So do most of the people who advertise with us.

How Internet Advertising Works

Advertising on the Internet is really no different to advertising in other, traditional media. In a very real sense, it's a numbers game.

You can expose your banner to 100,000 people the same way you can place an ad in your local newspaper and have it seen by 100,000 people. As in the real world, a small percentage of people who see your message will be interested enough to pay any attention to it. And an even smaller percentage will be so strongly motivated by your announcement that they'll call you, if you were running a press ad or click your page or banner.

The industry average click-thru rate across all sites online is currently about 1%. In other words, if your page or banner is displayed 10,000 times you'll usually manage to persuade 100 people to visit your site. Some campaigns do better and (many) do worse - but this is certainly the general average we see ourselves. It's also the average reported by most of the credible research companies that study Internet advertising.

And what response can you expect from 100 motivated visitors? Since 1996, Travelindex Network customers and partners have found that if you have an effective ecommerce site, you can usually expect to generate about 2.5 new customers from every 1000 visitors to your site (a figure now also being reported by independent studies).

Terms & Conditions

The most common form of Internet advertising is a hyperlinked horizontal banner ad. All banner strip ads should be in the W3C standard 468 x 60 pixel format and shouldn't exceed 12,000 bytes in weight (but we can accommodate banners that vary slightly from these requirements).

Naturally, we reserve the right to reject any advertisement that doesn't meet our quality standards and policy. We expect you, or your designer to send us your banner ready for upload.

We also prefer to host advertisements on our own high-speed server in order to provide the best possible display speeds for our visitors. However, we'll accept remotely-hosted advertisements from specialist web advertising agencies or corporations who have access to a highly reliable server and at least a T3 line.

Booking an Ad retails banner advertising in for one year or three month periods.

All advertising packages must be paid for in advance. We accept all major credit cards; online payments are handled by Inc. (Ohio, USA) or PayPal Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

If you'd like to advertise with, the easiest way to begin is to click here or to outline your requirements via our online contact us form.

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