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Tourism Industry Specialists

Travelindex Network offers cost-efficient advertising opportunities to all businesses, big or small, that service the tourism and hospitality industries. Current clients include:

 * Hotel Chains, Independent Hotels

 * B&Bs, Inns, Lodges, Vacation Properties, Campgrounds

 * Tour Operators & Adventure Companies

 * Airlines, Ferries, Limos, Boat Charters

 * Visitor Attractions

 * Rental Companies

 * Stores & Art Galleries

 * Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs, Nightclubs

 * Photographers, Event Planners

 * And many more

Reach Your Audience      

Every month, millions of Internet users visit and to plan their holidays and business trips. They want to connect directly with local businesses in the tourism industry - not just find a third-party booking engine. Unlike so many travel websites, we are in a unique position to drive online travel planners directly to your site.

Superior Branding Opportunities

Due to Travelindex's breadth and depth of content, major hotel chains, large tour operators and transportation providers are rewarded with high profile, high volume advertising solutions.

BEST OF KENYA - Perfect for Small and Big Businesses in Kenya.

Travelindex's structure (it's an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive database of travel information) offers even small and remote businesses proven online advertising opportunities.

Order with the Best in Kenya Tourism

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