House of Waine

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House of Waine

House Of Waine is an 11 bedroom luxury boutique hotel on 2.5 acres that blends the
elegance of gracious living with the spirit of modern Africa in an exclusive and serene setting.

Our aim is to provide our guests with an experience that exceeds all their expectations of city hotels and is punctuated by personalised, friendly and excellent service and cuisine in beautiful surroundings.

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Located just minutes away from Nairobi’s best attractions, including the home of Karen Blixen, represented in the Academy Award winning film ‘Out of Africa’ ,Sheldrick’s Elephant Sanctuary and Giraffe centre, the hotel is also just steps away from artisanal craft shops and modern shopping centers.

House Of Waine is a family owned and run property and this is reflected in the name Waine which is made up of the initials of the family members. Originally a family House Of Waine, it was lovingly converted to a boutique hotel and eventually opened in 2004. The interior design takes its cue from the Matriarch of
the family and is imbued with a timeless elegance much like her.



The room is home to a portrait of a Maasai Moran (Warrior) by local artist, Phillipa Marrion. As the
Maasai term for home is Manyatta, it is only fitting therefore that the room is so named.

Safari, from the Arabic ‘safa’, means a long journey in Swahili. It was first used in the English language by
Sir Richard Burton, the famous explorer. To us, Safari refers to our room that with its décor pays tribute to past and present
explorers such as you.

Ziwa, the Swahili word for Lake, aptly describes this room where the abundance of turquoise reflects a shimmering lake.

It is said that an elephant never forgets. Astay in Tembo (elephant in Swahili), will be an unforgettable experience
with its different hues and textures reflecting of the elephant hide and its natural habitat.

Victoria the quaint room and the only one with a working fireplace is reminiscent of the Victorian era. The main feature of
the room is our wrought iron four poster bed and the elegant claw foot tub.

Kanini, our smallest room, is child friendly and interconnects with Makan.

Makan, our Indian themed room is filled with warm shades of the red chili pepper and omate fabrics. Makan pays homage to a
community that has had and continues to have a pivotal role in the development of our multicultural country.

Our coastal themed room with its calming sea blues and greens invites you to rest, relax and rejuvenate before and after your journey.

Our garden room, Bustani, invites the outside in, through its fabrics and with its direct access to our expansive gardens.

The golden sands of the Sahara are captured in the objects d’arts, artwork and the fabrics of this room.





It is located at Lang’ata, approximately 3 kilometers from House Of Waine. Is the creation of a Kenyan conservation organization, the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW). It was established in order to protect the endangered Rothschild giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi, that is found only in the grasslands of East Africa.

The main attraction for visitors is feeding giraffes from a raised observation platform. The centre is also home to several warthogs which freely roam the area along with the giraffes.

They have three types of Giraffes: Reticulated Giraffe, Masai Giraffe and the Rothschild Giraffe Opening Hours: 9.00 am to 5.30 pm 7 days a week.

Sheldrick is a Kenyan wildlife conservation charity founded in 1977 in memory of David Sheldrick by his widow Daphne Sheldrick. It assists and advises the Kenya Wildlife Service and manages an orphanage for elephants and rhinos.

One can also adopt an Elephant at a cost of USD 50 per year upon prior booking. It is located approximately 20 minutes from House Of Waine and is open daily from 11.:00 am to 12:00 noon. At this time you watch them been fed with the normal human children formulae milk.

Charges are Kshs. 500 per person both local and international.
Opening Hours: 11:00am to 12:00pm

The museum is situated in the upscale Nairobi suburb of “Karen,” a town that was created by the parceling out of the coffee farm’s land after Blixen’s return to Denmark. Is also the former African home of Danish author Karen Blixen, famous for her book Out of Africa which chronicles life at the estate.

The Karen Blixen Museum is located 1km from House Of Waine open every day between 9:30 and 6pm, including on weekends and public holidays.

Visitors have the opportunity to take part in continuously offered guided tours of the House Of Waine, which features rooms designed in both the original decor and with props from the 1985 film. The grounds, which feature original equipment from the coffee farm, are also available for touring. There is also a gift shop. The grounds of the museum are available to rent for weddings, corporate functions, and other events.

Charges :100 Kshs per person-Residents & USD 10 Per Person Non Residents.
Opening Hours: 9:30am to 6:00pm



House Of Waine
P.O. Box 25035-00603 Karen,
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 (0) 733 414 215


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