Diving in Kenya

The Kenyan coast is fast becoming the most recognized area to view the magnificent Whale Sharks. Beautiful, powerful, magnificent and most of all simply immense. This is the whale shark. The sheer size of this creature, coupled with the fact that it eats only plankton, has lead divers to be completely fascinated by it. Wanting only to encounter it where ever possible. The whale sharks are found arounf the South Coast all year round, but you can see them in their large numbers from October/November through to March.

Dive sites at Watamu Marine Park and Kiliffi
North Coast of Mombasa

Diving in the Watamu Marine Park and Reserve
It is a protected areas where sea-life abounds. Most of the diving sites are just outside the main fringing coral reefs that protect Turtle Bay. All are within the jurisdiction of Kenya Wildlife Service, and are protected areas, either as National Marine Parks or National Marine Reserves. Within Turtle Bay there is Turtle Reef, 10-15 metres deep. Here are many large coral heads, the haunt of shoals of larger parrot fish, surgeon fish, unicorn fish and a few resident whitetip reef sharks. Green turtles are also seen here if you are lucky. The other attraction within the lagoon where beginners get to dive is the Coral Gardens where it is easy to see hundreds of species of fish.

Scuba diving at Vuma Caves
Scuba diving in caves is one of the most exciting diving adventure. The deep, dark corners of the caves hide huge groupers up to 300kgs – quite a stunning sight! The dive site at Vuma Caves is approximately 40 minutes boat ride from Kilifi Creek (45 km south of Watamu). The caves are at the bottom of some shoreline cliffs, where you descend to a sandy bottom at approximately 20 metres, swim along the reef for a bit looking at the reef fish, and not forgetting to look out to the deep sea where you may have a chance to glimpse dolphins, sharks, barracuda etc. After entering the caves you may come accross large groupers & snappers ‘lurking’ towards the back! You can then swim up a ‘chimmney’ and emerge on the top of the reef at approximately 10 metres.

Dive sites at Diani Beach
South Coast of Mombasa

Alpha Funguo Wreck
A 48m fishing trawler, this is the first ever wreck to be purposefully created on the East African coast. Sunk 2 years ago by Diving the Crab, in conjunction with the local dive community, this wreck sits in 28m of water. The wreck starts at 17m and has already attracted many large fish. Prepare to see the usual fish but 3 times bigger!

Camp Site
Suitable for all level of experience. See the largest rose corals in Kenya. They flow down the reef slope and are accompanied by fragile salad corals. Living inside these corals, spot butterfly and angelfishes as well as puffers and trunkfishes. Diving depth from 8-23 m. Travelling from Tiwi Beach Resort 15 min. Anchor buoy.

Suitable for all level of experience. Turtles again, and meet our reef musician the Guitarray! See squids performing their bridal dance as well as the most beautiful soft corals. Diving depth from 8-24 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort ca. 40 min. Anchor buoy.

Suitable for all level of experience. A dive site rich in fish and with a beautiful underwater landscape. See schools of snapper, sweetlips, banner-fishes and big cleaner stations. Dive depth from 08-25m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 55 min. Anchor buoy.

Suitable for certified Diver. Also called “fish-soup”. See schools of snapper, barrakuda, red-tooth-trigger fish, giant morray eels, crocodile fish and watch the huge potatoe grouper being cleaned. Dive depth from 12 -34m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort ca. 60 min. Anchor buoy.

Maisha Marefu
Our biggest patch reef (small individual coral reef distributed over sandy bottom) at the south coast. Top reef starts at 8m, sloping down to a maximum of 26m in the sandy areas. Good spot for whale sharks.
Travelling time 35 min.

Starting at 6m, huge brain corals form ‘walls’ to 24m. Overhangs and pillars make a total contrast to a flatter reef. You will feel as though you are within a mountain range. Dolphins are often seen in this area. Travelling time 35 min.

New Place
Not really new but well known and loved by divers is this 1.8 km long reef ideal for drift dives. The smoothly descending reef slope, starting at 6m in the surf zone down to maximum 21m at the sandy bottom. Good spot for seeing turtles. Travelling time 20 min.

Samaki Mbili
Suitable for all level of experience. Here you can spot many turtle as well as white tip reef sharks, meet-a-leaf that is a fish, spot snake-eels and giant crayfish. Diving depth from 8-25 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort ca. 40 min. Anchor buoy.

Shark Alley
This reef has been named after its famous “guitar sharks” and white tip reef sharks. Reef starts at 7m, with a maximum depth of 24m. Travelling time 15 min.

Suitable for all level of experience. Beautiful reef with coral islands surrounded by white sand. Enjoy the light flooded reef harmony and spot the birdy looking lion fish, blue spotted sting-rays undercover hiding in the white coral sand. Diving depth from 8-24 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort ca. 50 min. Anchor buoy.

Tiwi Reef
Suitable for all level of experience. Enjoy diving on a wall, examine all small holes and caves. See the boneless octopuss adapting to its environment. Watch schools of rudder fish passing overhead and follow the yellowtail barrakudas through the reef. Diving depth from 5- 23 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 5 min. Anchor buoy.

Suitable for all level of experience. See the most amazing coral garden. Huge variety on hard and soft corals. Mountainlike they strech from shallow depthes around 8 m all the way down to the bottom of the reef in about 25 m. Diving depth from 8-27 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 15 min. Anchor buoy.

Two Towers
Suitable for all level of experience. At this dive site you have a 90% chance to see the endangered Green Sea Turtle. Also spot Hawksbill Turtle. The soft coral cover at this divesite is breathtaking. See the under water world in pink and lilac. Diving depth from 8-18 m. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 25 min. Anchor buoy.

Waa Wreck
A 40 m long Vessel, the HMS Hildasay, which sank in the 50´s. Keel up, it lies in a depth of 24 m. You can spot a variety of scorpion-, frog- and lionfish. giant honeycomb morrays, guitar- and stingrays. Due to the depth only suitable for advanced divers. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort about 20 min. Anchor buoy.

Waa Coral
Close to the Waa-Wreck this dive site is suitable for all level of experience. The depth on this dive site lies between 8 and 25 m. Waa Coral is suitable for drift dives. A drift dive means, going with the current, the boat will follow the divers, so you do not need to come back to the anchor line. By doing this you can experience most variety on the reef. At Waa Coral you see huge potatoe groupers comming for a cleaning service to the cleaner-stations at the Reef. Turtles float around and giant reef rays as well. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 20 min. Anchor buoy.

Waa Ufa
Is the continuation of Waa Coral. As this reef is beautifully covered with corals, and also the slowest breather will finish his tank after a certain time, here you can experience more of the beautiful Waa area. See amazing soft corals as well as hard corals. Travelling time from Tiwi Beach Resort 20 min. Anchor buoy.

Dive sites at Shimoni (available through Dolphin Sea Safari)
South Coast of Mombasa

Nyuli Reef
The “crème-de-la-crème” of the Kenyan dive spots along the south coast has Nyuli Reef on the top of its list. Located in the protected National Marine Park Shimoni, where fishing is prohibited by law and protection of the reef not just a word. Only for experienced divers, the reef starts at 30m, with depths of more than 50m on the sandy bottom. Due to the weather conditions, this dive excursion can only be offered during dry season. Look out for Manta Rays. Travelling time 1:15 Std.

Pink Reef
Probably the most amazing reef in the National Marine Park at Kisiti Atoll. Its top reef starts at 14m, descending to a maximum of only 17 m and a sandy bottom. A wonderful cover of pink soft corals have given this reef its name. Rays abound in the sands. Travelling time 1:25 Std.

Kisite Atoll Inside
The best place for dive beginners and snorkellers. This reef has a wide topreef starting at 3m, descending to not more than 8m, offering a great variety of fish life and great visibility. Best place to see and swim with Dolphins. A closeby sand bank on the Kisite island invites for leisure, sun bathing and has the flair of Robinson Island. Travelling time 1:40 Std.

Shimo Ndogo
A fantastic wall dive starting at 14m, ending at a sandy bottom of 26m. As current is often experienced here this site makes for a perfect drift dive. No need to swim, just watch the wall go gliding past. Don’t miss a wide variety of nudibranchs. Travelling time 1:20.

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