2426 What’s Your Surname? My Café at My Beach Resort Phuket

2426 What’s Your Surname? My Café at My Beach Resort Phuket

Phuket, Thailand, December 23, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / My Café at My Beach Resort Phuket will take all gastronomes to a flashback of the past into an era when surnames were still new in Siam or Thailand in the current day. At that time, Thailand’s many delicious dishes still did not have prominent names and still relied on the Western culture and influence. Our locally made food was collectively called “Thai Food” from the development of the word “Eat Like Thai.”

Discover the origins of the name of dishes under the concept of “2426 What’s Your Surname?” a beautiful journey led by Chef Tai Nutchtakamol Songkhramsee, our guest chef, the owner of Tanya’s restaurant, and a figure widely recognised as the hidden jewel in Hua-Hin’s restaurant industry.

For centuries, inhabitants of Thailand did not have surnames, and all went by similar first names. 2426 BE was the first time when postal communications were introduced in Thailand and required people to be distinguished by the given and surnames, which were usually the given names of their parents. Therefore, when the postman went out to deliver mail, a question that was frequently asked was “What’s your surname?” in order to ensure that mail was delivered to its correct recipients. Comparably, Thai dishes during that era did not have names to refer to. Recipes were not recorded making it difficult to recreate dishes, and it was during this similar period that the first Thai cookbook ever recorded, the “Mae Krua Hua Pa” cookbook, appeared. This cookbook and other cookbooks during the same era had become the inspiration of our dining event along with the integration of Chef Tai’s family recipes passed down through generations, making this meal exceptional.

This dining experience at 2426 What’s Your Surname? will make you feel as if you were dining at a friend’s place, and they were telling you stories about each dish you are enjoying. Hors’ d’oeuvres will begin with Macaroni cooked with pineapple curry and dressed in horseshoe crab eggs, followed by a combination of old meets new – Steamed curried fish served in jelly form. The next dish as part of our hors d’oeuvre is a bite of Mun Luem Gluen, mashed potatoes topped with garlic and pepper shrimp. For appetizers, Kanom Jeen Poon or Thai fermented rice vermicelli dressed in grilled scallops and crab meat will be served followed by a soup, Tom Plong Talay, a traditional Thai tamarind seafood soup with grilled giant tiger prawn, squid and salmon. For the main course, guests will be served Khao Sao Nam and Mussamun Som Za, or rice in seasoned soup served with orange infused massaman curry with a choice of meat. The dining experience ends with a dessert called Kanom Chang Ma, or traditional Thai sweet rice noodles in coconut cream. Come and join us for a wonderful evening of delicious food and memorable moments.

Our delightful food journey presented in a 5-course meal is THB 2,500++ (excluding beverages). Experience 2426 What’s Your Surname? from 23 December 2021 until 16 January 2022. For reservations, please call 076 305 066

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