Kenya’s altitude ranging from sea level to 5,199 metres, makes its climate vary greatly from high humid temperatures of the coast (83F) to the often cold and wet regions of Aberdares, Cherangani and Mau Escarpment, Mt. Elgon and the freezing points at the top of Mt. Kenya.

With the Equator traversing the country, there are no four seasons as in Europe but two rain seasons at almost the same time of the year – the long rains from the end of October through December. The rains fall in short heavy down pours or violent storms preceded by heavy black clouds as a warning. Sunshine is experienced throughout most days of the year although it becomes cooler during the months of June, July and August.

Nairobi, the capital city, often referred to as the City in the sun has an average daily temp. of 21.1’C (70’F) and Mombasa the second largest town in the country and situated at the coast has an average temp. of 26’C (80’F). There are no closed seasons for visitors though the peak rainy season are considered low tourist seasons.

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